Filipino activists criticize Trump immigration policies

Over 100 activists took to the streets outside of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center to criticize
President Donald Trump, who signed an executive order to stop the separation of migrant families at the border — and pushing for Congress to pass fair legislation that would reunite families and prevent future separations.

This week, Trump passed an executive action to reunite families in the detention centers, “but it does not change anything; do not fall for the cover up; this executive order changes nothing.”

“There are Filipinos coming here for a better opportunity. I know my parents came here for a better opportunity and it isn’t just one nation that’s being affected in the border. It’s happening everywhere. Definitely, that’s why I’m here,” said Cheryl Zarate.

The proposed bills pitched by Republicans as a compromise included funding for a border wall, and a path to legalization for some 800,000 streamers.

The bills limited legal immigration and does not address the 2300 detained families that are currently separated.

“We do not need temporary fixes, what we need is a solution.”

While Los Angeles is less than 3 hours away from the US-Mexico border, the southland has seen increased immigration arrests.

At least 2 Filipinos were picked up in the latest ICE sweep last week that hauled in 162 undocumented immigrants, whom ICE has labeled as “criminal aliens.”

Another rally is scheduled for this weekend at the Wilshire Federal building. Activists plan on using that action to collect toys for the detained children.

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