Filipinas in Motion: Recognizing and honoring career-driven Pinays in all industries

SAN FRANCISCO — Pinays are learning from the experiences of various authors in the Filipina Women’s Network’s “Disrupt” book series.

Each roundtable is divided into groups that focus on specific areas of careers.

This is all part of an event called “Filipinas in Motion.”

“So we have Filipinas in government, Filipinas in education, Filipinas in politics, Filipinas in entrepreneurs, Filipinas in finance, Filipinas in tech, so the guests and members when they sit with them they are able to have focus networking instead of them just standing around and saying hi, hello.”

The authors and contributors are recipients of the Filipina Women’s Network’s 100 most influential Filipina women in the world award.

The women’s network says it was important to show Pinays that there are those like them who are at the top of their fields, like Cora Tellez, in order to motivate them and make them believe it is possible to reach for such a position.

According to organizers, the event was also inspired by recent legislation.

“There’s a law now in California passed last year that large corporations must have one or two CEO women on the board otherwise they’ll have to pay a fine.”

The Filipina Women’s Network is already looking at either Dubai or Monaco for the next summit.

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