Filipina Women’s Network launches leadership global summit in Toronto

by Rachelle Cruz, ABS-CBN News


TORONTO, CANADA — In celebration of International Women’s Month, the Filipina Women’s Network officially launched the Filipina Leadership Global Summit for the first time in Toronto.

The global search is on.

The Filipina Women’s Network, or FWN, is looking for the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World.

This San-Francisco based non-profit organization stepped outside the United States and the Philippines, to look for Filipinas who have risen as leaders and influencers in their fields. 

FWN collaborated with the Toronto Philippine Consulate Office and the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, kicking off the campaign.

“We want to make sure we find those Filipina Canadian influentials,” said Marily Mondejar, CEO of the Filipina Women’s Network. “When we say influential, you don’t have to be a CEO… as in influencing policy, influencing the community, in issues, in projects that really better the lives of the community.”

The discussion panel were notable women and their talk focused on the perspectives of Filipinas in Canada — whether in policy, education, law, politics, and social work.

“I think that as a woman I would like to be able to show, that a woman can be anything she can be, and that her role is not just limited,” said Petronila P. Garcia, Philippine Ambassador to Canada. 

FWN also launched their book, Disrupting 2.0 Filipina Women: Daring to Lead.

The authors shared some of their stories on stage. All of them spoke about why they joined FWN.

“I wanted to find Filipino women like me,” said Mondejar. “I was interested in advancing my career, you know, navigating the corporate workplace, finding mentors, fem-tors…”


FWN is encouraging you to nominate a Filipina woman who deserves to be named one of the Global FWN100.

The Summit will be held in Toronto this year on October 25 to 29.


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