Filipina woman says she was a victim of racial profiling at San Francisco Safeway store

SAN FRANCISCO — A Filipina says she was a victim of racial profiling when a security guard at a Safeway store accused her of shoplifting and physically attacked her multiple times.

The confrontation — which took place last May 7 — was caught on video by the Filipina complainant herself, Mildred Musni.

Musni said prior to getting hit by the security guard, she turned her tote upside down to prove to him that she didn’t steal anything.

She said she was trying to call the managers’ attention, when the guard turned violent.

Moments later, another security guard can be seen kicking Musni’s groceries as she was asking for help from people around her.

Safeway said it is conducting a thorough investigation of the incident involving the third-party security guard at the Diamond Heights store.

Musni told ABS-CBN News that she later found out that it was actually the store’s white manager who asked the guard to go after her that day.

She wants the guard to face consequences for his actions.

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  • Lyle Courtsal
    18 June 2020 at 1:57 am - Reply

    Three black homeless men were murdered by police for shoplifting less than $10 worth of goods at Safeway stores in Seattle. We called it dangerway. They support all kinds of cop groups like the LEIU and the LEAA. I don’t shop at dangerway unless I absolutely have to.