Filipina woman and her family encounter racism on NorCal hike

MARIN COUNTY, CA — A Filipina nurse was going on a hike with her family on July 4, when they encountered by a woman on the trail, later identified as Beth Taska, whose racist rant was caught on video and has captured local media attention.

Taking a break from her frontline work as a nurse amid the pandemic, this Filipina, who only wants to be identified as ‘Carol,’ went on a hike in marin county’s mount tamalpais with her husband Hiroshi — who took the video — and their two children, ages 11 and 6, and their dog Fluffy on July 4th.

And just as they were reaching the end of their 4 hour trek, they encountered this woman…Who blocked their daughter from passing through, claiming they were breaking the law by bringing their dog into the woods, when dogs are allowed on leash in the trail.

The woman then tells them to go back to where they came from and when the family refused — she threatened to call the police.

“It’s when she took it to the next level, when she started saying you can’t be in this country you are breaking the law, that just didn’t sound right,” said Carol. “How can you tell somebody they can’t be in this country over a dog?”

So Carol spoke up and put the woman in her place.

After this encounter in the woods, Carol and her family did not tell authorities.

But her husband did post the video on YouTube — which as of July 9 — had close to 400,000 views.

Local media took notice, and the woman was identified by viewers as Beth Taska, who was employed as the chief people officer at Topa Equities.

The company released a statement to local media — saying that following an internal review of the incident, they have accepted the resignation of Taska, stressing that the company does not condone racism or discrimination of any kind in any form.

For her part, Taska said she deeply respects the rights of all people and regrets her conversation did not illustrate this and wants to work towards unity.

But she also added that what was shown on video does not really depict what happened and that what she was saying was being muffled by her mask.

Carol said this was the first time she and her kids experienced racism. Her Japanese American husband Hiroshi has admitted to being discriminated before.

“What bothered me is my daughter, she saw the whole thing and she’s already 11 for her to hear somebody say this to her mother, which also basically implies to her, she was not sure what was going on. We had to talk to her and my son is only 6 so he doesn’t know what’s going on, so we had to talk to my daughter and it’s sad, but I feel it’s the reality of things unfortunately.”

As for the woman — who has earned the nickname ‘Park Ranger Karen’ — carol has this to say.

“I don’t know her personally, I don’t know what her life was and I’m not gonna condone her action to be acceptable either but at the end of the day, we’re all humans we are not perfect, who knows what her day was, who knows what her upbringing was, be it good or bad. It’s just some choices that people made.”

And despite their horrific experience, the family managed to find some humor, ending their now-viral video with an ode to their Maltipoo — the alleged four-legged culprit whose presence initiated the confrontation with park ranger Karen.

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