Filipina underground caregiver expelled from Canada

VANCOUVER — Canada has ordered the immediate removal of a Filipino caregiver, who has been working illegally in the country for almost five years.

Filipino caregiver Marjorie Gaceta spent her last labor day in Canada behind bars.

While Canadian workers marched around downtown Vancouver to mark labor day, Gaceta was getting ready to leave the country she called home since 2014.

Last week, officers of the Canada Border Services Agency, or CBSA, arrested, detained, and brought her before an immigration judge for sentencing.

Caregiver advocate Julie Diesta said her group only heard of Gaceta’s case less than a month ago.

Gaceta told them that her employer asked her to leave when she refused to take care of her employer’s young wards.

They originally hired her to look after a senior with high medical needs.

Gaceta was forced to work underground to support her children and cancer-stricken husband.

He died two months after she came to Canada.

When her work permit expired, she went to different groups for help, but nothing came of it.

And despite not having the proper papers, she still continued to work because of her children.

After nearly five years working illegally, the CBSA caught her. Instead of deportation, the judge reconsidered and instead handed out the less harsh “exclusion order,” which will make it possible for her to go back to Canada after one year.

Diesta, meanwhile, appealed to other caregivers who have gone underground.

Gaceta was escorted by authorities to the airport for her flight back to the Philippines.

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