Filipina caregiver missing in Berkeley

BERKELEY, CA — A caregiver from Pangasinan, 41-year old Virgie Batilon, has gone missing in Berkeley, California.

Last Wednesday, May 10, Virgie and family members arrived in the US to see her family member “Grace” march on stage on Grace’s graduation day from UC Berkeley.
On the morning of Grace’s graduation, Virgie and her employer’s family went to Cafe Strada for some coffee and food.

Virgie reportedly complained of stomach ache and excused herself to go to the restroom.

She came back to tell her employer’s family that the restroom at cafe strada was not available.

She crossed the street to look for another restroom, and that was the last time the family saw Virgie.

“We’re super devastated. We just want her to come back safely. We’re concerned about her safety. We’re very sad,” said Grace. “My family members are crying every night now. I just don’t know what to do.”

Grace could not fathom the thought that Virgie would deliberately disappear so she could find other opportunities in America.

Grace says Virgie knows her visa would soon expire and if she stayed in the US, she will become an undocumented immigrant.
“We called USCIS yesterday and they said we should call ICE. Obviously, we don’t want to do that just in case she ran away. We don’t want to ruin her life in case she just wanted other opportunities.”
Grace is hoping somehow her message reaches Virgie.
“We really want you to be safe. We really want you to come back. We love you. We need you.”
For any information on Virgie Baliton and her whereabouts, please contact the UC Berkeley police department at (510) 642-6760.


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  • kikay pango
    18 May 2017 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    I remember seeing her a few days ago … she’s with a mexican dude cutting grass .