Filipina housekeeper sues NY socialite boss for wage theft

NEW YORK – Marichu de Sesto, a Filipina housekeeper from New York has sued her former employer, socialite Elyse Slaine, for unpaid wages.

The 51-year-old employer is the ex-wife of David Slaine, a senior Wall Street trader found guilty of conspiracy and securities fraud in 2009, but turned government mole.

The judge ruled that Elyse Slain can no longer request for a third extension to respond to de Sesto’s wage theft claim which was filed in February.

In fact, the Pinay’s former employer only has until April 22 to respond to the complaint.

De Sesto claims Slaine allegedly fired her after denying her request for a medical leave.

In her 15 years working for the Slaines, she says she received no overtime pay for working 12 to 14 hour shifts, five days a week.

The complaint also shows that Slaine allegedly did not pay her wages for the days she worked in the month of May last year.

The amount de Sesto is seeking will be determined during the trial.

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