Filipina founder of Toronto Women’s Club coaches and empowers other women

Filipina Canadian women shared the big stage with outstanding life coaches and motivational speakers at this sold-out conference in Toronto.

Hundreds of people attended this wealth mastery event, co-produced by a successful real estate investor, Cora Cristobal.

Once a struggling Filipino immigrant, Cora turned her life around through real estate and became a best-selling author, speaker and founder of the Toronto Women’s Club, which empowers women to succeed.

“My advice for women is not to be afraid.  Focus on your dreams, focus on what you want in life, and you will get it.”

Among the panel of speakers is one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and development, Jack Canfield.

Another Filipina who graced the stage is mommy entrepreneur, Anna Santos, who inspired the audience with her life story of turning pain into power. Anna runs a transcription business from home and has published self-help books for moms.

“If every mom in the world has the opportunity to earn money from home they will do that, but the challenge has always been..because they’re afraid of the financial side of things…but you cannot know unless you are there to take risks.  You have already the power that you one can access that power but you.”

These inspirational speakers imparted as much wisdom as they can, and it’s now up to the attendees to take the next steps in transforming their lives.

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