Filipina Facebook Fit Mom tells kababayans, ‘No more excuses!’

FOSTER CITY, Calif. – A controversial 2013 Facebook post showed Filipina mom Maria Kang baring her toned abs, with her three young children by her side, with the question, “What’s your excuse?”. It went viral and many people took offense to it.

“When I was accused of fat shaming and bullying and being narcissistic — it was really tough. Even though people thought I was a bad person, I knew that they will eventually see what my message was. I’m not saying that you should make health the biggest priority — just a priority in your day,” Kang said.

This 34-year old Pinay did not let negativity stop her from spreading her message through the country’s top magazines, news publications and TV shows.

She showed that she’s just like any other mom: imperfect, struggling, but committed to make life better for herself and for her loved-ones.

There was a time in 2005 when Kang weighed almost 160 pounds. She has since lost 35 pounds. She related, “I wanted to show people that I have excess skin, that I do struggle, that I’m a regular person just like them.”

Kang’s message is now being heard loud and clear. Her “No Excuses” campaign now has 40,000 members worldwide and has 300 fitness groups in 25 countries, including the Philippines.

Other Filipino moms have taken on the challenge and have changed their lives for the better.

Before she got into health and fitness, 31-year-old Liz Rodriguez, a mother of two, said she was in a dark place. She shared, “I was abused as a child and I used that darkness to spiral out of control with my weight, my lifestyle and exercise is something that got me out of that funk.” Rodriguez has since lost 45 lbs.

Jayvelle Thompson, a 37-year-old mother of two, has lost two dress sizes and has now become a regional leader for the “No Excuses” movement. She stated, “Right now, I’m managing the whole state of California and of Hawaii, and I also work 70 hours a week with my current career and juggling my husband’s business and the girls. So it’s really prioritizing your days and if you only have 15-20 minutes just get it done.”

Kang hopes to encourage more people to live a healthier lifestyle through her newly-released book, “No More Excuses Diet”. Kang said, “So I tell people it takes three weeks to overcome an excuse or a craving, three weeks to develop a good habit. And that’s based on studies. It takes 21 days, and then three months to create a transformation.”

And with hard work and determination, Kang said, that transformation will come.

She concluded, “We are making a difference. And I’m really excited.”

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