Filipina DJ “Kuttin Kandi” uses art and music as a platform for activism

A Filipina hip-hop queen, author and activist grew up in Queens, NY — but whether it’s through spoken words, instrumental mixes, or in scholarly written fashion, DJ Kuttin Kandi uses her art as a platform.

“I’ve always been a fan and lover of music, my father collected records he drew me into loving music, I was around a lot of DJ growing up,” she says. “I was around a lot of Filipino mobile DJ crews as well, like Inarabass Productions as well as 3Ds, where my first DJ teachers were these Filipino DJ crews.”

Now based in San Diego, she not only scratches records, but scratches the surface of issues — from cultural identity to racial tensions, even letting her personal trials become talking points.

She recently chronicled her recent heart attack and recovery.

“We don’t talk about health particularly mental health is an important thing peoples struggle with depression suicide all kinds of emotion, anxiety for my health in general overall is important; as someone who survived a heart disease condition, as someone who had multiple heart procedures I think its important that we talk about health.”

Right now, she’s working with U.S. State Departments’ cultural exchange program and the University of North Carolina, for a next level hip-hop fellowship.

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