Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

ANAHEIM, Calif–To kick off International Women’s Month, Hundreds of Southern California women from all backgrounds came together, for the first Orange County Global Women’s Conference.

Coastline Community College President, Dr. Loretta Adrian, believed to be only the third Filipino-American and first Filipina woman to head a US college.

Spearheaded the event. “There are still areas, institutions where women are not treated equally so this is a way for women I think to embrace each other and give support to each other so that we can be more involved in politics, in education,” explained Adrian.

Los Angeles Philippine Consul General Helen Dela Vega was among the list of prestigious speakers which included California Secretary of State Debra Bowen and CNN Headline News anchor Asieh Namdar.

Dela Vega touched on women’s leadership roles in developing countries during her panel discussion.

Asian Women Entrepreneurs board member and Fil-Am health and nutrition coach Roxy Kardouche came to the summit to see how she could help women from a business and health perspective. “It’s always good to have a support and it’s also to help build women in their field in entrepreneurship so it’s just really building and support, learning from each other to move forward in our careers and also in our home,” she explained.

Statistics show women still lag behind men in several categories. On average, women make about $6,000 less than men according to the Women’s Resource Center. The Women’s Empowerment Research Group also says only about 16% of US companies have female leaders even though women make up 47% of America’s work force. According to the Center for American Women in Politics, there are less than a hundred women in the US congress. Dr. Adrian believes though the numbers have improved in the past few years…

There’s definitely room for improvement. She plans to hold another conference next year and year-round work with other women

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