Filipina caregiver beaten to death with hammer by mentally ill patient

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Feb. 11, 2014

LAS VEGAS – In December of 2012, two people were killed inside an assisted living group home, beaten to death by a hammer.

Police identified the two victims as 82-year-old Henry Namett, a resident, and 59-year-old Elenita Ablao, a Filipina caregiver.

“She was a breadwinner,” Joe Tinio, Adult Residential Care Providers of Nevada Chairman, said. “She was sending money back to the Philippines and it’s really a sad thing—the family found out from the news.”

According to the police report, David Settle, 69, admitted to police that he hit both victims approximately 20 times in the head with a hammer.

Settle didn’t explain why he killed Nemett and Ablao.

After the attacks, settle said he went to a store and bought cigars and wine and tried to cut his ankles with a knife.

He took the wine bottle and hit himself on the head in an attempt to kill himself.

Tinio says Elenita Ablao is a victim of circumstances that could’ve been prevented if the accused David Settle was endorsed properly and accurately.

“Nothing to do with the group home, nothing to do actually with anything else there except with the situation,” Tinio said. “I think personally I really believe that the hospital should’ve done more for this guy, should’ve diagnosed him more, should’ve kept him, but it’s endemic. It’s endemic in Nevada right now and this is what can happen.”

Community leader and geriatric care owner for Senior Resources Amy Belmonte says caregivers should be educated and must have the proper training in taking care of such patients.

“Because this fact is that she was not aware that this gentleman has that issue and therefore as a caregiver she was just doing rightfully her duties and responsibilities,” Belmonte said. “So to make it fair for everyone, I think a proper diagnoses of the sickness of the person, proper assessment should really be a high in the priority.”

Settle was charged with two counts of murder with use of a deadly weapon.

He was booked at the Clark County detention center with no bail.

Public defense reports that Settle was suffering from vascular dementia based on his psychological and neuropsychological testing.

Settle is detained at the Department of Mental Health for further evaluation and treatment. Once competency has been established he will return to court for original proceedings.

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  • Hmm!
    12 February 2014 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    Dapat handa ka sa kung ano ang mangyayari sa iyo lalo na kung sa Amerika ka nagtatrabaho dahil 90% ng aalagaan mo sa Amerika ay umiinom ng anti-depressant. Meaning mas madaming malala ang utak kesa sa matino!