Filipina-Canadian teen ready to represent at international modeling competition

by Quay Evano, ABS-CBN News

CALGARY — She’s only been modeling for a year, and now, this Filipina teen is set to represent all of Canada at an international modeling contest.

This September, 19-year-old Alexandria Kleinschmidt will be leaving her hometown of Calgary for the fashion runways of Bangkok to compete in the 2018 Supermodel International World Finals.

“There are nerves but they are good nerves. I’m more excited to meet all the candidates and to see the beautiful country of Thailand and everything.”

At an early age, Alexandria’s family already saw her potential in modeling, but she had her doubts.

But four years later, the Filipino German Canadian psychology student is now busy walking the runways of Calgary, and soon enough, Bangkok.

But according to alexandria, the road to the runway is no easy one.

“I’m on a strict training, diet session. I’m doing like five times a week like boxing and running and all that stuff so with that. Dieting, it’s called keto. It’s been hard but it’s worth it in the end.”

The journey is made a little easier with the support of her proud parents behind her, and the values they’ve taught her along the way.

“It’s humility that they teach me, to always be kind to everybody. When you talk to a Filipino, they talk to you as if you are already family, you know.”

With contestants traveling from all over the world, the competition is high. But Alexandria says she’s making sure to enjoy herself along the way.

While she has only been modeling for a year, Kleinschmidt is thankful for all the blessings coming her way, and encourages other young aspiring models to pursue their dreams.

“There’s nothing to lose because you are trying your best, so, be confident and be yourself and everything will turn out great.”

Kleinschmidt says that win or lose, the tremendous training and support she is getting from her managers, family and friends and Filipino values she grew up with already make her feel like a winner.

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