Filipina 3D artist raises awareness on mental health

LOS ANGELES — Lyn Pacificar is known in Los Angeles as Herbalaria — an expert when it comes to natural remedies.

But she’s also known for another form of healing: her artwork.

“It’s definitely a tool to start extracting the feelings that are within someone, which is the root of a lot of anger, depression, anxiety… so when people find a way which is painting drawing anything like that it helps release and leave those energies that are keeping them from living a very well and wholesome, happy life.”

To celebrate mental health awareness month, Pacificar put on the Dimension of Mind, Reflection of Spirit exhibit at the Filipino American Service Group Inc. Bayanihan Center.

Many of these paintings express some of her struggles growing up as a Filipino, battling bouts with depression.

“Here I am trying to cope with society and just not nice to me because I’m Filipino.”

Part of the experience with this is exhibit is the fact that you can really get into the mind of the artist with these 3D glasses.

“If you watch this video with certain types of 3D glasses you may see the effects on your own monitor… I was very spiritual and I want to convert that and convey to the view my word what I see that I live in a very spiritual realm.”

But it’s not just the visual effects, there are spiritual healing elements embedded in the material itself.

The exhibit lasts until the end of June, making sure that art, and mental health are celebrated beyond the month of May.

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