Illinois FilAm kids celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

By Connie Macatula-De Leon, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Feb. 17, 2014

AURORA, Ill. – February 17 is the official Random Acts of Kindness Day—a day where everyone is challenged to do something kind to a friend or stranger without expecting anything in return.

Danny Aguas is turning six this month. Instead of celebrating his birthday with a bash, he and his 7-year old brother, Nathan, decided to take the kindness challenge.

While everyone is getting ready to sleep on a week day, the Aguas brothers were busy baking some brownies and brewing coffee. It’s their own little way of thanking the hardworking men and women in uniform at one of the busiest police stations in the neighborhood.

“We’re going to the police station to bring brownies to the cops.,” Nathan Aguas said. “We’re on our way to go to the police station to give some brownies to the police officers because they’re protecting us forever. Thank you for protecting us and our city.”

The officers say they hardly receive any fun surprises like this, especially if it’s not a holiday.

“I know we’re not firemen,” Officer Frank Sterioti said. “I was very surprised; very appreciative as well.”

“[I’ve] never seen one before,” CSO Blake Werges said. “I’m pretty happy about it and I’m going to eat some donuts after this.”

Founded in 2005 by Josh De Jong, Random Acts of Kindness Day or RAK has since evolved into different campaigns to push people to be more selfless and more caring in their own small ways.

“I think it’s important for little kids to be giving to others instead of expecting something in return,” Michelle Nichol, a records clerk, said. “It’s going to make the night for a lot of officers who are spending this cold night out making the village safe.”

These young Filipinos believe that trying make the world a better place does not necessarily have to be extravagant. They say, even little acts of kindness like this can make a big difference to those who receive it.

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