FilAm health professionals among those helping quake-stricken Nepal

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Just over two weeks have passed since a massive earthquake left more than 8,000 people dead in Nepal. But this already traumatized Asian country has just been hit by another powerful tremor — that has now left dozens more dead.

Officials said at least 37 people have been killed and more than 1,000 injured in Nepal. The latest quake hit near the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu. It had a magnitude of 7.3, compared to the 7.8 quake of April 25. The quake was also felt in Tibet, Bangladesh and India — hwere at least 16 people have also died.

Several aftershocks followed the quake, frightening many and sending many people into the streets.

The California Nurses Association, led by Pinay President Zenei Cortez confirmed to Balitang America that they are about to deploy first responder teams.

Dr. Herminigildo Valle, the first Filipino Chief of Staff at Seton Hospital in Daly City, traveled to Nepal on May 5, by himself. to personally assess the devastation and what he could do to help. Balitang America spoke to Dr. Valle via Skype from Kathmandu about this latest tremor. He said, “The whole building was shaking really hard and then there was this loud noise. You can hear everybody shouting and yelling and running. When I go to the streets I saw everybody a lot of people running In all directions crying and yelling and people just lying on the ground.”

Dr. Valle said he hasn’t seen that much death and destruction. He related, “The hard part is going to remote place where that trail is lagging trail and you see old and young people living in tarpaulin tents. The worst thing is the smell. I could still smell the dead in the area.”

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