FilAm educator contextualizes Duterte’s views of America

Dr. Joi Barrios, lecturer at UC Berkeley delves into President Rodrigo Duterte’s Mindanao roots, as well as his college influences that may have led to how he views America and its government today.  Barrios says Duterte is not “Anti-American” but “Anti-Colonialism”.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    16 September 2016 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Would Tito Digong react in any other way if the Prime Minister of Japan or Spain criticized him about the extra judicial killing in the Philippines? Well, President Obama and Aquino were both accused by the United Nations for human rights abuses. It would be hypocritical to criticized Tito Digong in his handling of the war on drugs in the Philippines despite of unproven accusations…