FilAm Creative makes push to film in the Philippines

LOS ANGELES — A group of Filipino Americans in the entertainment industry is learning about and making a push for more indie filmmakers to look at the Philippines as a shooting destination.

The Philippines has served as the backdrop for Hollywood on a handful of occasions — and now for Filipino filmmakers, there’s a movement to bring more productions to the homeland.

“Why not talk to filmmakers who have shot in the Philippines and just to kind of give options to the Filipino Americans who being in LA, it’s hard to shoot here, its not the most accessible place with all the taxes and permits so to find other places around, a lot of productions in LA go to like Atlanta Georgia to shoot so why not the Philippines,” said executive director Charles Gray.

In a panel moderated by acclaimed music video director Tim Cruz, and the team behind “100 Yards,” filmmakers talked about their experiences on shooting in the Philippines, and some of the challenges.

From transporting the right equipment, and the amenities from food and atmosphere that visiting filmmakers may not be used to, as well as the unions.

But overall they say there’s a lot of perks.

Some of the pros are scenic backdrops, to cheaper manpower, catering, and goods, and as far as quality.

“All the crews, especially like key people are so talented because Filipinos tend to watch all western films so in terms of being up to date with best content, they’re up to date with best content. They now they want to make stuff that looks like that,” said producer Marie Jamora.

Gray says the biggest bonus is a chance to explore Filipino culture.

This panel was one of Fil-Am Creative’s many activities lined up for the year.

They say with the recent success of films like Crazy Rich Asians, and Filipino American racking up awards on and off camera, this is a big chance for Filipinos in the entertainment industry to shine.

“Now is kind of like our time to make our impact, just kind of piggyback off that and just keep going that’s part of the excitement of why we’re doing this and why we’re striving to put our names out there too.”

And they’re hoping to put their names and community out there whether in Hollywood, or the homeland.

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