FilAm attempts to break record for bell-ringing

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Dec. 4, 2013

COLTON, Calif. – The sounds of silver bells are here…and one Filipino is planning to jingle all the way into the record books.

Salvation Army employee and volunteer bell ringer Marcelino “Butch” Soriano plans on ringing his bell for 100 hours straight as he collects donations for the Salvation Army outside of a 24-hour Walmart in Colton California.

The current record is 80 hours and his personal best is 51 straight hours of bell ringing. He hopes to collect $10,000 for the Salvation Army.

“The whole purpose is not for myself but just to bring awareness to the needs of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army can use volunteers to ring at the kettle locations because the more volunteers they have, the less money they have to pay out to individuals and they’ll have more money to help the less fortunate,” he said.

Nationwide, five ringers will be going for the record. After learning from past experience, Soriano has already come up with a few techniques to survive the next several days.

He shared, “It’s good to be able to move around and not be stationary and talk to people because time will go by faster. You just have to be gentle with the ringing. Just use your fingertips because the more effort and more exaggerated efforts you make, the more energy you’re using and the quicker you get tired.”

Soriano gets five-minute breaks for every hour he rings and he can save his breaks to take longer breaks later on.

He cited, “If you don’t take a break in four hours, you get a 20-minute break. That’s when you can eat or use the restroom.”

Unlike previous years, bell ringers are now allowed to take caffeine while they ring but Soriano says it’s a strategy he must consider before sipping a coffee.

He said, “I might need to use the restroom more often with coffee. So I might avoid it.”

After starting on Tuesday, Soriano is scheduled break the 80-hour record by Saturday. He would hit his 100-hour goal on Sunday.

But more important than this marathon, Soriano continues his fundraising goal online through

He said, “Hopefully, I will be the last person standing.”

Even though Soriano works for the Salvation Army in the finance department, his record setting attempt is voluntary, believing the cause is well worth his time and efforts.

You may contact Steve Angeles at for more information.

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  • Kikay Pang0
    4 December 2013 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    He will pocket 5 dollars for every 10 dollars donation , did i read that right ?