Fil-Am activists believe Marcos burial jeopardizes PH peace talks

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News


LONG BEACH – In a collaboration with California State University, Long Beach, Filipino American activists, along with the campus, sociology and geography departments, educated students on the peace talk issues in the Philippines between the government and separatist groups, comparing it to other global peace talk issues and conflicts.

“This is one of the major things that’s happening in the Philippines that is not being discussed internationally,” said Eric Tandoc of Anakbayan Los Angelesa youth and student organization working to educate, organize and mobilize the community to address important issues that affect Filipinos globally.

“Doing community organizing overseas, especially amongst Filipinos overseas, we also see it’s part of our duty to let the American public know what’s going on back home in the Philippines,” said Tandoc.

While Malacanang says they hope to finish talks by Christmas, for many Fil-Am activists it’s a waiting game.

Despite some progress and agreements made over the summer, it’s been a challenge to figure out President Rodrigo Duterte’s true intentions, especially on the US involvement in the Philippines  which, they believe, will affect the outcome of peace talks between the national democratic front and the Philippine government.

“There were some definite positive steps taken, like with the release of the peace consultant in August, but ultimately what’s going to be the most difficult obstacle is coming into agreement on social and economic reforms,” said Tandoc.

“A big factor in that is asserting independence from US domination in the Philippines, so it remains to [be seen] whether Duterte is really going to follow through on his assertions of independence from the US,” he continued.

With the recent burial of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the controversial war on drugs, Anakbayan activists say these are signs of a possible failure when it comes to the peace talks.

“With Duterte supporting the Marcos burial, it’s not a good sign for people in the Philippines, because it can lead to him becoming an outright fascist,” said Tandoc. “That’s something people can be very vigilant about…and even now, he’s using the drug war to attack people who are not even involved in drugs.”

As they continue to learn about and compare the global peace talk issues, Filipino activists will be sending a peace petition to officials showing their desire for peace talks to resume.


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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    12 December 2016 at 10:26 am - Reply

    To set the record straight, the Anakbayan, Gabriela, Bayan Muna, Anak Pawis groups are the forefront of the CPP/NPA (check out Jose Maria Sison website)… Tandoc in Los Angeles is one of those Filipinos out there who is doing everything he could to mislead and brainwash young Filipinos. The sad part is that there are young FilAms /Filipinos alike all over North America who seem to be brainwashed and misguided with wrong information (liberal based information)…There are so many young Filipinos or FilAms out there who were told wrong information by butt hurt family members or friends during martial law. These people have done nothing but to violently rebel against the government of the Philippines. For what causes? That was to support the CPP/NPA OR MNLF/MILF…no more, no less…