Fil-Vet leaders supports San Diego mayor's resignation

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

August 30, 2013

LOS ANGELES–His time in office is coming to an end in San Diego, as the official resignation of embattled mayor Bob Filner will be complete at 5pm, Friday August 30th. 

In recent weeks, 19 women have come forward claiming the 70-year-old former congressman had sexually harassed them, leading to a stint in behavioral therapy, and settlements, paving the way for his resignation. 

The embattled mayor’s dealings with the Filipino community has been well documented and cherished, spearheading attempts for Filipino World War II veterans to get pensions and benefits equal to their American counterparts during his 10 terms in congress. 

Filipino veteran leaders say they applaud Filner for stepping down and will continue to support him as he seeks behavioral treatment. “It’s a welcomed development I think for the filipino American community who has great admiration for his being a champion for our filipino World War Two veterans are relieved. He made the right decision. We will treasure the fond memories of being a champion in congress we realize he has major personal problems he has to solve,” said Eric Lachica of the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans. 

”We wish him a good retirement. It’s time for him to rest and what we call close the problem about sexual harassment. As jfav we can never condone harassment against women. As much as we’d like to support bob filner I’m sorry we cannot support him and he should face the bar of
justice,” added Arturo Garcia from Justice for Filipino American Veterans.  

The focus on Filner now leaves city hall and heads to the court house, where a number of his alleged victims have hired attorneys and are in the process of filing lawsuits. 

Filipinos have not yet ruled out a possibility of him returning to public service. “Who knows he may be able to provide an advisor role in the future to many of our community leaders,” explained Lachica. 

Council president Todd Gloria will take over after Filner official steps down. The city has set a special election to find his replacement in November.

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