Fil-Ams weigh in on accusations of Trump and Ukraine interference in the 2020 election

After Congressional Democrats launched an official inquiry into the impeachment of President Trump after an allegation of Ukraine interference, Filipinos expressed their reactions.

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  • Mario
    28 September 2019 at 8:32 am - Reply

    This is Impeachment INQUIRY,what constitute the Article of Impeachment(1)Obstruction of Justice(2)Abuse of Power(3)Contempt of Congress. The whisleblower has NO first hand knowledge of the Call,a former CIA agent submitted his complaint and the Congress asked for the telephone transcript on the call bet.Trump and Zelenski.Nancy Pelosi could not have a HOUSE VOTE for Impeachment because the Tel Transcript submitted has no violation of the Article of Impeachment.Whisleblower will testify and represented by a Lawyer and the whisleblower has name of Schumer and H Clinton in his resume. He will be asked the fllg; (a)were you present during the conversation.the law does NOT protect 2nd hand info or hearsay.(b)What is your motive(3)Is there a political BIAS.This INQUIRY will last forever,a repeatition of Russian Collusion,the DEMS knew no cullusion so no Impeachment,just collect/spend $40M. This INQUIRY will last long, Trump ally will be investigated for free TV coverage,to brainwashed the people that there is already IMPEACHMENT going on.To impeach a PREZ it need 2/3 of the SENATE VOTE or 67 votes. GOP control 54 and Dems 46. It is over only for SHOW, but it will backfire on the Democrat, they might lose all their Congressman running on 2020, people are tired..