Fil-Ams weigh in on Chaffetz’s early departure announcement

By Jared Bray, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

PROVO, Utah — After nearly eight years in congress, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) announced that he will soon leave his post to pursue a job in the private sector.

In a letter to Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Chaffetz wrote that he will resign “at the close of business on June 30, 2017” — a year and a half before the end of his term.

“It was actually surprising because he’s very popular in our district,” Filipino-American Renee Doria said. “In my mind, I thought that if he runs again, he would be automatically re-elected.”

The statement comes as Chaffetz, who is chairman of the House Oversight Committee, faces increasing pressure from voters to more aggressively investigate President Donald Trump and his campaign’s ties with Russia.

“He did not really pursue it,” Filipino-American Lynne Nielsen said. “In fact, I think he was like dragging his feet, and he was reluctant to start an investigation.”

Chaffetz’s constituents have mixed views of their representative. Some are pleased with the job he’s done and sad to see him leave.

“I really believe that he represented this district very well,” Doria said. “Majority of us are Republicans, and he took a lot of the Republican issues that most Republicans would support.”

Others, meanwhile, are ready for change and excited about the possibility of electing a new representative.

“We need somebody who is going to be more fair,” Nielsen said. “I don’t think he did a very good job of balancing the voices of the people in his district.”

Twenty-two candidates have filed to run for Chaffetz’s seat, including 15 Republicans, four Democrats, two Independents and one Libertarian.

Doria, Nielsen and other members of Utah’s 3rd Congressional District will choose a replacement for Chaffetz through a November special election that will be preceded by an August primary.

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  • Mario
    31 May 2017 at 12:49 am - Reply

    Rumor on Congressman Chaffetz to discontinue his term from the Congress started during the Presidential primary. During his interview from FOX on January he did mentioned his plan interested in Tech business.Last month, met with Trump to finalized his decision to leave Congress.It has nothing to do with Trump-Russia collusion, Chaffetz knew that the Democrat created this story as alibi for losing the election. Big defeat by the Democrat during the Prez election ended Democrat dream of NO-GOP President for the next 100 years, that is the reason why Harry Reed passed the Nuclear option on Prez appointees, thinking Hillary will be a sure winner.Until now the Dems, lefts are crying and will never stop obstructing Trump policy. Same fake Media ,predicted 67%-Hillary victory, but Trump won.