Fil-Ams stage multi-city protest against China’s action in West PH Seas

NEW YORK CITY – More than a dozen protesters took to the streets in New York City to condemn the Chinese government’s so-called occupation and militarization of the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea.

This is our territory, these are our islands, this is the West Philippine Sea,” said Lily Ledesma. “So we want to preserve our territorial integrity, our dignity, respect our rights.”

“She wants to talk to us sabi nilang ganun, we want peace we want to talk to you but at the same continues pa rin yung kanilang occupation ng Philippine Territory and development structure there,” said Meritt Salud.

The U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance says China’s continued presence in the claimed Philippine territories while the case is being reviewed by the arbitral tribunal at The Hague, Netherlands is a violation of the basic rule of law.

“You don’t do anything to disturb the situation,” said Loida Nicolas-Lewis. “The United Nations is very clear on that. The right to exploit, the right to create buildings or reclamations does not belong to any other than country on whose shore is 200 nautical miles.”

Protesters also say China’s construction and military activities in the disputed area have destroyed hectares of coral reefs.

“We want to stop China’s bullying tactics around the world especially against the Philippines,” said Marivic Mabanag.

In Los Angeles, Filipinos also took the streets outside Chinese consulates.

They want President Aquino to speak about the territorial dispute with China in his State of the Nation Address on Monday.

ABS-CBN News tried to get the Chinese consulate’s response to this protest but have not received a reply at this time.

Protesters are calling on the arbitral tribunal to speed up its review and decision before they say it’s too late for the Philippine government to lay its claim on its territories in the West Philippine Sea.

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  • juan
    25 July 2015 at 1:28 am - Reply

    Noong pinalayas ni Cory Aquino ang mga Kano sa Clark at Subic,binigyan siya nang red carpet reception sa China.Etong mga protestor na naka dilaw sa NY ay mga loyalist ni Cory.Si Bill/Hillary Clinton ang nag-outsource sa mga US manufacturing China, diyan yumaman ang China.Kaya pag nanalo si Hillary as next US President, tuloy ang ligaya, nang China,at more oil exploration close to Palawan shore.Huli na para palayasin ang China sa west PH seas.Pitong(7) military bases ang malapit nang matapos,in my opinion may blessing si Obama sa illegal construction. Tawag diyan ay “Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier.

  • kikaypang0
    27 July 2015 at 5:02 am - Reply

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    The earth is flooded of Made in China
    Even US military secret weapons has China’s labor on it .
    Quit your hypocrisy campaign …
    The whole world love cheap labor .

    • Arbi
      27 July 2015 at 7:21 am - Reply

      indeed, so true, like Noz he’s part English Bulldog and Shi Tzu, this faggot is so cheap and disgusting……….