Fil-Ams share hits and misses of online dating

LOS ANGELES – For a young college graduate who wins trophies for flexing his muscles, the dating life was difficult despite living in Los Angeles.

“It’s hard for me to get a girl because they’re already judging me before they get to know me,” Gerard Andaya said.

After some friends found success in online dating, the 27-year-old signed up.

“I gave it a try, a couple dates here and there, most of them didn’t end up very good,” he said. “And just when I was actually about to delete my profile, she sent me a message.”

Andaya said the chances of meeting Amanda would never have happened if not for an online dating app.

“She’s different,” he said. “She has good manners, everything.”

Five months into the relationship he proudly wears a promise ring.

On a web cam an hour away, this Pinoy online dater who goes by Lewis Teddy Bear was hoping for the same romantic results but ended up with something else.

“We were kind of hitting it off and then she wanted to meet. But she wanted me to drive all the way to Fresno to meet her. I stopped messaging her for a little while and she went nuts on me. Like she started cussing me out, saying you’re with someone else aren’t you. You’re talking to another girl. From that point on I feel like this girl was going to murder me,” Lewis Teddy Bear said.

Market researchers IBISWorld estimates the online dating industry is worth over $2 billion.

The Pew Research Company has estimated that one in nine adults use these services. One in 20 married couples hooked up digitally. As the internet and apps continue to grow, so will those numbers.

Dating aps like Tinder can help you find a date within miles.

Kat, a Filipina on Tinder who declined to reveal her identity, admitted that in the two months she’s been on the site she’s been on a few first dates, but never a second date.

She says online dating is about physical appearances and many people are there to simply hook up.

She calls it a bonus if people do like each other and she’ll plow away online until Mr. Right comes along.

Another Filipina, Melissa, said she had been dating online since 2007. While she has had run-ins with inappropriate men, she’s had several serious relationships, including one that lasted two years.

She said the internet is a good chance to meet diverse suitors from different ethnicities and industries.

With his tough breaks, Lewis stopped using dating sites but never completely gave up on the internet.

He found his possible soul mate on Facebook through a mutual friend.

“It’s much safer to go on there. You’re on OK Cupid or Tinder it’s dangerous. They put a lot of good stuff on there to entice you. But you never know how this person is until you meet them. But if you have a referral from a friend, they’ll vouch for this person,” Lewis said.

Even though Lily lives quite a distance away — Ukraine to be exact — she’s visiting him later this month.

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    i also meet my boyfriend in tinder..

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    This is the Tao of Badass Review for guys. You may be having a awkward time striking
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    You may be facing several challenges when it comes to dating.