Fil-Ams oppose changes to Trumpcare bill, replacing Affordable Care Act

Trump warns GOP that they will lose seat in 2018, if they vote against healthcare bill

President Donald Trump is making last-minute efforts to get consolidate support for the Republican’s replacement to Obamacare. It has been the biggest legislative effort of the Trump administration so far.

Trump met with Republicans from the House of Representatives behind closed doors at the US Capitol this morning.

He warned them that they could lose re-election in the 2018 midterms if they vote against the GOP health care bill on Thursday.

The president also reminded them that they have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act — as many as 60 times over the past six years — and that they need to fulfill their campaign promises to finally repeal it.

Trump emerged from the meeting full of hope.

“We had a great meeting, and I think we are going to get a winner vote. We’re gonna have a real winner. It was a great meeting,” he said. “They are terrific people. They want a tremendous healthcare plan, and that’s what we’re gonna have. There are going to be adjustments made… but I think we will get the vote on Thursday.”

Republican leaders have revised the house bill on Monday to convince other hesitant GOP members, by proposing major changes to tax credits, and provisions to change the Medicaid insurance program helping the poor.

Some GOP conservatives are wary that the bill does not go far enough to repeal the law.

These also include moderate Republicans, who are concerned that dismantling Obamacare will hurt millions of Americans.

Fil-Ams conduct phone-banking campaign, to gain opposition to the GOP’s health care plan

In Mountain View, California, Filipinos led a phone-banking campaign to save former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act from being repealed by the GOP.

“This is regarding the Affordable Care Act,” says Robert Mullins. “We’re asking voters to call in to Senator Heller.”

Filipino-American Democratic leader Loreto Dimaandal encouraged other volunteers to call voters and convince them to convince their elected officials to oppose the GOP proposal — which they say would put millions of people at risk of losing their healthcare coverage.

“Sa opinyon ko, kung tatanggalin itong ACA, sa kakarampot na kinikita ko, sa tingin ko, malaki ang epekto sa akin,” said Ferdie Luna, an Obamacare recipient.

“Baka hindi ko na maafford ang health insurance. Kung hindi ko sya maafford, baka hindi na rin ako makapagtrabaho at lalo akong manghihina.”


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  • Mario
    21 March 2017 at 10:34 pm - Reply

    Before you make comment wait until it is fully implemented maybe next year…. For now Obamacare price will go up until the end of next year, that Obamacare will just explode fall by itself due to high cost. The Republican”American Healthcare” is more expensive, easy “do not vote for Republican come next election on November 2018”. Trump said; You guys (His own party) you will gonna lose your seat if you do not support me,his criteria are; 1) it should be cheaper 2)Pre-Existing condition will remain 3)Buy across state line-means A Californian can buy Health plan based in New York 4)Several plan available depending on you needs, like Students they can choose what plan they need they seldom get sick, Single working-will buy insurance that will not cover pregnancy, just wait… Remember the GOP are afraid to lose in the next election so they have to do it right.