Fil-Ams launch global boycott of Chinese-made products

WASHINGTON, DC – Filipino American community members and their allies gathered at a Walmart store in Washington, DC to protest the Chinese government’s aggression against the Philippines and its neighboring countries.

Eric LaChica says  members of US Pinoys for Good Governance are urging Americans to boycott goods made in China to show their anger against China’s incursion in disputed areas in the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea.

“We’re trying to show our Filipino American community  leaders how to take the lead and create a boycott at their local level by going to their Walmart, Kmart, Target, their Apple Stores, and choose wisely by not buying made in China products,” Lachica said.

They are also protesting China’s massive reclamation of 2,000 acres of supposed Philippine-owned reefs that have been turned into military outposts.

Lachica says say a sustained, organized boycott of China-made products works.

“The boycott is working. Almost 15 percent decline in China’s sales to the US, and that’s been verified by the Reuters news agency. We hope to get a 50 percent goal by the time President  Xi Jinping arrives here in Washington.”

Vietnamese American leaders joined the boycott China protest, too.

“We ask the communist party of China to stop invading the West Sea of the Philippines, the East Sea of Vietnam, the seas of all Southeast Asian nations and attacking the freedom of navigation of the whole world,” Voice of Vietnamese Americans’ Jenny Nguyuen said.

On the Fourth of July, organizers say they are holding a protest at the White House to urge President Obama to pressure the Chinese government to put an end to its aggression in the West Philippine Sea.

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  • Luong
    13 June 2015 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    Vietnam supports our Pinoy allies. DEATH TO cHINA FOREVER!!!

  • cher
    30 June 2015 at 12:34 pm - Reply