Fil-Ams joining global protest vs. Marcos burial

An issue that’s become important for Filipino Americans is the planned hero’s burial for former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.  Some groups are making sure their voices are heard at an upcoming global protest. Don Tagala tells us more.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    27 August 2016 at 6:31 am - Reply

    Fil-Ams lets dance here…In this side of the earth, there goes Loida Nicolas Lewis rallying against Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Of course on her side are the willing or rather choose to be mislead by her U.P. radical and progressive rhetoric. On the other side, we have Edel Lagman, who is also talking loud about human rights violation based on some vague claims. The media (base on bato-bato theory), played limited-short and well tailored video clips of people being hosed down during an anti-martial law violent protest. Nothing to say on why these people are treated that way but everything said is all on human rights violation. Could this be covered by Ces Drilon, Karen Davila, Julius Babao or Atom Araulio, you’ll find out why? In addition to all these, you have the BIG Boy Senate President Frank Drilon cautioning Duterte to slow down on his decision to bury Marcos, why, we’ll find out…Then you’ll have one of the above hosts to show some fictitious images, photo copy of document page, supposedly some interview of a few sour apples during martial law, etc. and bringing in some U.P. historian Ricardo Jose, who didn’t like Marcos…we’ll find out why folks…
    You also have Hontiveros talking loud against the Marcoses…we don’t see where’s she’s coming from? She’s captivating this human rights issue to basically tell Filipinos why they want to hear…of course, she needs to polish her coins too! She was also a liberal-progressive-yellow shirt bearer, member of the failed daang matuwid…
    Fil-Ams or homies, these businessmen, politicians or whoever they maybe, are CONSPIRING against one great president. You can gather all these politicians and summed up what they’ve done for the Philippines, maybe there’s a few things here and there but nothing worth the average Filipino recognition looking on the concept of “overall good” for the country. These businessmen, politicians or whoever they maybe, were brought up and educated on the same radical, liberal and progressive grounds…the University of the Philippines? These people are trouble makers! How about Jose Maria Sison or Nur Misuari, are they also a product of the University of the Philippines, you better believe it…Don’t you forget that Ninoy Aquino was also a Philippines biggest migraine headache, U.P. Product who’s done nothing but trouble…

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    27 August 2016 at 7:09 am - Reply

    Alright Fil-Ams, fellow Filipinos, etc. here are some facts or circumstances we all need to look at…there are several cries for some unfounded human right claims against President Marcos…trying to stop or impede his long overdue burial. Now the Philippines Supreme Court is stepping in, is this good or bad news for us? We have judges who were appointed by President Aquino (naturally anti-Marcos)…Chief Justice Sereno, Justices Reyes, Bernabe, Leonen, Jardaleza and Caguioa. Some of them were educated on U.P. radical, liberal and progressive grounds, but not necessarily appointed by Aquino. With all of this information in mind, we can never expect a fair examination or judgement of facts. More or less, while the media is influenced by radical, liberal and progressive views…wait a minute, how about if the majority of staff are share the same views…who’ll pressure the Supreme Court who also share the same views and sentiment all from the University of the Philippines…maybe some gratitude from the Aquino’s…