Fil-Ams join hundreds calling for a strike to defend immigrants and refugees on May Day

On May 1st, people all over America are commemorating the International Worker’s Day, or May Day, by taking to the streets and calling attention to pressing problems in the community involving immigration and workers rights.

In New York City, hundreds of people including Filipinos took to the streets to send a loud message to President Donald Trump.

Activists and organizations from all over the state are calling for people to walk out of their jobs and schools, to defend immigrants, refugees and all workers on May Day.

“Workers, people of all over the world are coming out to the streets to celebrate International Worker’s Day, which is the genuine labor day,” said Bernadette Ellorin. “And those of us in the US are not intimidated by Trump’s policies. We’re here joining the worldwide protest.”

And when it comes to President Trump’s first 100 days in office, these kababayans have much to say:

“What has he done for the immigrant workers? He has done nothing, to be completely honest,” said Nadine Martinez from GABRIELA NY. “He just continuously wants to kick them out of the country, like he wants to continuously build an even bigger wall.”

“If Trump is asserting that he’s done so much for the people here in the US, that’s an outright lie, and proves that he’s an egomaniac,” said Nina Macapinlac from Bayan USA. “As Filipino-Americans, he has not served our people at all.”

Protesters are also calling for Trump to put a stop to all attacks against migrants and workers – which they believe has increased since he took office.

From his travel ban against refugees and immigrants from 7 Muslim-majority countries, to the increasing raids and deportations of immigrants and the criminalization of the undocumented.

“We want to support our immigrant communities. A lot of us came here, or our parents came here, and the biggest message that we want to send… immigrant workers and our families don’t come here you know to cause trouble,” said Mike Legazpi from Anakbayan NY. “We’re here because our countries are ravaged by bigger countries… we’re just here to look for a better life.”

Protesters say they are not just here to resist, but they are also here to hold the whole trump administration accountable for.

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