Fil-Ams join climate change rally, calling on Trump to take issue seriously

WASHINGTON DC — The sweltering 90 degree heat did not stop tens of thousands of people from marching against climate change at the nation’s capital.

“We must be stewards for this earth,” said Sonali Chitre, from W.A.T.E.R. (Women Advocates for Transforming Energy and Resources). “We must help to protect this planet and give everyone a voice at the table.”

The people’s Climate March marked President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office – and they are protesting the president’s stance on the environment.

Trump has denied the existence of climate change in his presidential campaign, even calling it a hoax.

“Speaking of global warming, where is global warming, we need some global warming?”

The president not only rejects science behind climate change, he is un-doing federal efforts against climate change already put in place by former President Obama.

Trump has also proposed deep cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency and he is planning to withdraw the US from the Paris Treaty – a pact among 190 countries, including the US, to reduce carbon emissions that causes global warming.

“These are like very verifiable facts, it seems that they’re just blind to see,” said protestor James Jalandoni from Washington DC. “So I hope there are some moderating voices in his administration that will help him see the truth… climate change is real, and we need to take aggressive and drastic action to prevent it from negatively affecting our country and the world.”

The Vermont Student Power Network – a huge contingent of student activists — marched for the earth’s future.

“This is our earth, we’re gonna be paying for the decisions that are made by the generation before us,” said marcher Sabrina Melendez. “and so you know, what you can’t see that is happening right now, you will see soon.”

When it comes to the environment, a recent Gallup poll shows that 59 percent of Americans agree that environmental protection should take priority more than US energy production.


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