Fil-Ams join anti-Trump events in NY, NJ

Thousands of protestors lined Fifth Avenue in New York City on Monday evening to voice their dissatisfaction and disapproval they say, on how President Donald Trump is leading the country.

These rallies around Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan have been planned even before the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia happened.

Protestors tell us that they are here to greet President Trump on his first trip back here in New York City since taking office in January.
And it wasn’t exactly a warm welcome.


Some people say Trump’s recent comments, including his “fire and fury” threats toward North Korea, and his delayed condemnation of the alt-right groups involved in violent attacks in Charlottesville, inspired them to join this protest.

“It’s not about forcing his hand, it’s about disrupting the system. So we don’t stand for the environment that he’s creating, which is full of hate speech and white supremacy,” said Noel Aglubat. “That’s why we’re here today, giving support to our fellow people of color.”

A large police presence drowned out any safety concerns here.

According to police, three people were arrested on Monday evening for disorderly conduct.

Meantime in Jersey City, a community vigil took place the same night to remember those who died and got hurt last Saturday in Charlottesville.

These Fil-Ams say this is not just a black and white issue.
“I think the whole issue not just about the Trump or the alt-right, it’s all about economic issues… and that’s what’s bringing out all these people into the open,” says Yancy Gandionco. “I think the Trump administration kind of fan the flame for some of these groups to be more bold and racist.”

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