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By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 10, 2013

LOS ANGELES – While there have been no reports of Filipino victims in last Friday’s Santa Monica shooting spree, an online movement has started for a 22-year-old Filipino who was working at the library during the shooting.

After an image of Marcel Kahn showed up on the Los Angeles Times, his friend tweeted and posted the picture calling him a “Filipino hero,” describing how the Makati born Kahn was helping lead students to a safe room during the shoot out.

Kahn who moved to Southern California in 2010 has told other media that he is not a hero, giving credit to the library’s lead assistant who had keys to the safe room.

Kahn’s newfound fame started when 23-year-old John Zawahri was believed to have killed his father and brother in their home before burning down the house.

He then went on a thirteen minute crime spree within a one mile area, attempting to steal cars, as he shot randomly at people and vehicles, eventually making his way into Santa Monica City College. Six people died during the mayhem, including Zawahri who was shot by police at the college’s library where Kahn was taking shelter. Police say he was heavily armed and was intent on killing.

The Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles is monitoring the situation for any Filipinos involved in the incident. According to school data, of the 30,000 nearly 500 are identified as Filipino. “As of today, we have no information to believe that there’s a Filipino that was hurt,” said Consul General Helen Barber Dela Vega during a Philippine Independence Day parade over the weekend.

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