Fil-Am’s experimental theater piece explores color, identity issues

JERSEY CITY, NJ – “The Journey of a Brown Girl” is a story of young Filipino Americans taking ownership of their color and identity, told through an experimental theater piece.

Actress and creator of “The Journey of a Brown Girl” Jana Lynne Umipig said, “I’m a Pinay. I’m a Pinay who’s proud, also an artista just trying to use my artistry to tell the stories of our people and to tell the story of my own journey as a brown girl.”

Armed with her masters degree in the arts at New York University’s theater program, Umipig uses non-traditional techniques to create shows that highlight issues in communities of color and her ethnic roots as a Filipino American. The story is told through performance art.

Jersey City University Psychologist Abisola Gallagher Hobsin said, “It is so poweful. I think everyone should view it. And for me as a woman of color, as an African American, I couldn’t believe the similarities that we have as people of color.”

“Not only were we educated but I feel ike we were spiritually enriched. We invited them into the stage but I fell like we invited them into our hearts,” said Jersey City University’s Women’s Center Director Venida Rodman-Jenkins.

“The Journey of a Brown Girl” also explores issues of women overseas Filipino workers.

The show also pokes fun at some of their personal experiences growing up as a Filipinas in America.

“The biggest take away is to love yourself and to be on a journey for yourself, to ask questions of who you are so you can know yourself better,” said Umipig.

“The Journey of a Brown Girl” is not over as this sisterhood of traveling Pinays will continue to bring their stories throughout the US.

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