Fil-Ams divided on the new proposed GOP healthcare plan

by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


LAS VEGAS, NV — For two consecutive weeks, the talk on the GOP’s health plan continues to create fear and concerns, since it was first introduced.

Many are wondering what would be the adverse effect from the Obamacare repeal, especially for kababayans in the valley.

Allan Mallari is paying $35 a month for health insurance, for his son and himself. They’ve been covered by the Affordable Care Act since it was mandated, but he is now amongst the millions of Americans who are wondering what will happen to their healthcare coverage once the GOP’s proposed healthcare kicks in.

“Some people say you have to have it, some people say you don’t have to have it… and a lot of people say it can start just being cut off this year or maybe next year it’s not there… so it’s really a confusion,” Mallari says. “I think we need education.”

Mallari adds that repealing Obamacare is a hasty act from the Trump administration.

“Even [the government] themselves, they cannot express what it is that what we must have because they themselves cannot experience it,” he said. “They don’t have the experience of what is going on out there.”

Rozita Lee acquired extra health insurance to supplement her medicare coverage. Lee is perturbed on how the new American health plan will affect Medicare — especially for a fixed income senior like her.

“If they do make the change theres gonna be about 24 million people that will be without healthcare insurance,” Lee said. “And there are going to be rates that are gonna go higher. They say no, the rates are gonna be lower… but when you really look at it in black and white, that the rates will be raised.”

Lee says Obamacare may have some flaws, but the GOP should have just enhanced and fix the existing Affordable Care Act.

“If they only think about their people not about their parties not about themselves… I think they can work it out, but it will take years,” she says.

“At this point, you come out, you speak up, you talk to your congressman,” she added, addressing the people.

Jonnel Munar, a kababayan in El Paso, Texas, is not in favor of Obamacare.

Munar says that premiums became expensive — and that healthcare workers, from doctors to home healthcare workers, have suffered the impact of reduced reimbursements and compensations.

“Obamacare has affected so much — the healthcare industry, a lot of medical people are not really happy about it,” says Munar. “The medical people here in El Paso are hopeful that something better will come up.”

Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that he will most likely bring the Obamacare replacement to a floor vote on Thursday.

HR-1275, officially titled the “world’s greatest healthcare of 2017,” may cause confusion for many, but others are optimistic.



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  • Mario
    20 March 2017 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    Obama promised 32 times “if you like your plan you can keep your plan,if you like your Doctor you can to keep your Doctor”,and a savings of $2500, it was a lie.It backfire, Obama loses 1,000+ Democrat electoral seats and the Presidency. The Republican can not afford the same mistakes by telling lies on the new health plan. Trump already warned his own party that many of them will be thrown out of office come November 2018 election, if they do not keep the price lower and keep the new healthcare plan better than Obamacare. Before the end of the year Obamacare will be very expensive that millions can not afford and just quit,so Obamacare will just fall by itself.The new healthcare will be implemented next year before the November election.FAKE NEWS are scaring our Kababayan,..simple answer GOP could not afford to lose the next election… they will do it right…