Fil-Am’s clothing designs for people with disabilities gains viral attention

HOUSTON, TX — For some, what seems like a simple task like getting dressed every day, can actually seem like a chore.

But when a man with cerebral palsy approached Houston Fil-Am stylist Corrie Domingo for help in designing clothing, she was all too eager to rise to the challenge.

Corrie filmed this 10-second video showing the young man buttoning up his newly designed dress shirt she created using magnets instead of buttons.

The video unexpectedly went viral, earning 10 million views across the social media outlets, and still counting.

“It’s just amazing how one 11 second video touched the whole world. I got a lot of great messages from people all over the world that I was able to make a difference,” said Domingo.

It’s called Adaptive Clothing. And it can be ‘life-changing’ for people with disabilities.

“The mother of the client approached us, and he wanted a great fitting shirt. And they have tried for 5 years. Adaptive clothing has been around, they tried in different stores, tried online. But the fit is awful.”

Having never designed clothing of this type before, there were quite a few obstacles to overcome.

“It took a while for the tailors to find the right size magnets. But we did. We put it them inside the placket. So from 20 minutes for him to dress up before, because he doesn’t have the fine motor skills. And Now it takes him just a few seconds.”

As a designer, Corrie says she loves having had the opportunity to design products that not only look great, but also help many different types of people.

She says that without a doubt, this has been the most meaningful design project she has been a part of.

“That is what makes everything worthwhile. My heart is full because of that.”

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