Fil-Ams cast their votes on Super Tuesday

ARLINGTON, Va. – The single most crucial day for presidential contenders to gather delegates to cinch the coveted party nomination is today, Super Tuesday. With a heated race, high voter turnout is being experienced in many of the dozen participating states. From Arlington, Virginia, North America Bureau Chief Paul Henson reports.

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  • Mario
    2 March 2016 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    $150M from Jeb Bush and $100M was spent on negative Ads to Trump, and it failed then quit. Then same GOP establishment(Bush) thru Koch Brothers, put a budget of $75M + $25M for RUBIO, mission is to destroy Trump. The condition is, if Rubio will not win in Florida, ROMNEY will run to continue to destroy Trump.GOP establishment will also support Kasick to win Ohio, so that Trump will be force to go to brokerage nomination. GOP will never allow Trump to be nominated, it is all about money, neocon(GOP) want us to fight Putin in Syria, Ukraine, if there is war,big $ commissions to the politicians, more money on bombs and bullets are to be made. We should have finished Iraq war in less than 2 years they extended it for 4 yrs,it cost $2 Trillion from taxpayers money. Then Clinton under Obama, shuffled ME which cause the destruction of Europe, by Muslim migration.Clinton will WIN and continue the Obama agenda, Islamization of America and total economic and political destruction for America is coming..Only miracle God grace will save Trump to win the nomination.