Fil-Am’s Broadway dream comes true in “Honeymoon in Vegas” musical

NEW YORK CITY – “Honeymoon in Vegas” is a Broadway musical about the crazy things we do for love.

This romantic comedy that stars Tony nominee Rob McClure is about a New Yorker named Jack Singer who has an extreme fear of marriage, brought about by his mother’s dying wish for him to stay single.

When he finally had the courage to do so, tying the knot in Las Vegas with his fiance Betsy, played by Brynn O’Malley, seemed like the perfect plan.

Until Tommy Korman, played by Tony Danza, came into the picture to steal Jack’s future wife who happens to resemble Korman’s dead wife.

Who wins her? Well, you have to watch the musical to find out who did what to win Betsy’s heart.

“Honeymoon in Vegas” is based on a 1992 movie of the same title starring Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, and James Caan.

Pat Morita’s character in the movie, Mahi-Mahi, inspired the stage version Fil-Am actress Catherine Ricafort’s originated, now named just Mahi.

Ricafort said, “I want to play a big role on Broadway. Not only that, I want to be the first one to create that role. That’s a huge honor in this field and here I am doing it now. I’m living my dream now.”

Ricafort was last seen on Broadway in “Cinderella” and “Mama Mia”.

Catherine also originated the role of Cherish in the web series and stage version of the Pinoy musical “Prison Dancer.”

She was first noticed as a featured soloist of The Backbeats in NBC’s “The Sing Off Season 2.”

Ricafort says she wants to push the boundaries for Asian actors on Broadway.

“I’m very proud that I’ve done shows that don’t only cast Asians. We have a strong community here of Asian American actors and I think that something we have in common is you have to not label yourself, you can’t type yourself,” according to Ricafort.

“Honeymoon in Vegas” is now playing in an open ended run at the Nederlander Theatre in Times Square.

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