Fil-Ams blame Aquino for lack of action to save Mary Jane

SAN FRANCISCO – Fil-Am activists rallied in front of the Philippine Consulate on Monday, voicing their frustration with the Aquino government and saying the president is not doing enough to save Mary Jane Veloso from execution in Indonesia.

They said if French President Francois Hollande can save the life of his citizen by threatening to pull out his ambassador and hurting future relations between countries, then why can’t President Aquino do the same?

“His government has not responded to the many urgent requests to intervene on behalf of [Veloso’s] life,” Bayan USA’s Rhonda Ramiro said. “The very little he has done is too little too late. It’s really in the hands of Aquino to apply the pressure. It’s actually his responsibility to save the life of Mary Jane and to protect the life of all overseas Filipinos.”

Veloso was convicted in Indonesia for smugglings drugs into the country in 2010. A second judicial review was denied and her death sentence will be carried out Tuesday — an execution by firing squad at 5 p.m. Indonesia time, which is 1 a.m. in the United States.

The activists first arrived at the Indonesian Consulate by 9 a.m. on Monday to ask that their concerns be brought to the attention of President Joko Widodo.

The consulate staff has said that they forwarded all letters and messages of concerns to the appropriate channels at the Indonesian consulate, and they deeply regret the pain of the news of Veloso’s death sentence.

The activists said that they will be rallying for the life of the overseas Filipina worker until the final hour

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