Fil-Ams and activist groups call for President Trump’s impeachment

OAKLAND, CA — A diverse group of all ages and backgrounds said they drew energy from supporters who drove by as they demonstrated outside a busy intersection in Oakland on Wednesday night.

Yvette Felarca, from the activist group By Any Means Necessary, said this protest comes in the wake of a violent weekend, when two mass shootings claimed 22 lives in El Paso, Texas; and nine lives in Dayton, Ohio and dozens more injured.

She and her group are putting the blame on President Donald Trump.

“Considering Donald Trump and the racism and immigrant-bashing that he ran on and the fact that he is placing himself as the spokesperson for a white supremacist, neo-Facist movement in this country and in some ways across the world this is absolutely the making of Trump and of his presidency.”

On Monday morning, the president denounced the shootings, calling them “evil attacks” and crimes “against all humanity”.

“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America.”

Felarca isn’t moved.

“Nobody believes a word Donald Trump says. He doesn’t even believe it, probably, other than his own racism and everyone knows that’s all he means is his racism. That is who he has been all his life, certainly long before he ran for president, long before he became president. So no, no one believes a word he says, including his own supporters.”

Felarca has been calling for Trump’s impeachment — echoing Democratic congressman Al Green from Texas, who introduced articles of impeachment based on Trump’s rhetoric against immigrants.

“The only reason he’s still president is because of the racism of the Republican party and because of the cowardice of the democratic party leadership that’s refusing to take action and impeach him when they have the power to.”

Meanwhile, according to El Paso police chief Greg Allen, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius has been cooperative; however, shows no remorse for his actions.

Crusius is also believed to have written a hate-filled manifesto that published online about 20 minutes before the shooting.

The document is filled with racist language aimed at immigrants, especially Latinos — and these protesters are hoping this culture of hate would end, before more lives are put at risk.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    10 August 2019 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    The only solutions any Democrats and all this so called “activists” is to blame anybody (who would not agree to their agenda) by calling them racist, facists, bigot, etc… Felarca and all this other groups should just go back home and plant some “kamote” for a change we can all believe-in, says Fernando Pautin (Fil-Am resident of Texas). Pautin argued, we should unite together and work real solutions to resolve this violence driven incidents.Calling for impeachment? Who do you think you are? Get real for a change and stop smoking those cigaweeds… A duly elected president? And all you have is running your lips here and blahze, blahze,or accusations that nobody can prove them…

  • Mario
    12 August 2019 at 12:11 am - Reply

    DEMOCRAT is focus to defeat TRUMP but until now there is no clarity NO one can beat TRUMP.BIDEN,old forgetful, making mistakes during his speeches, TRUMP can easily beat him on the first day of the debate.SANDERS, Socialist/left,US not ready for socialism
    For VP- WARREN,her family name does not not appear at the Indian ancestry archives, said a Fake Indian, HARRIS, TULSI GABBARD grew-up, home schooled in the PH, daughter of a German preacher from Luzon, OUT of contention. The DNC Hawaii in coordination with Army Nat.Guard deployed her to Indonesia after the Harris incident.Possible a DNC convention come NOVEMBER,changes will come,Objective is to beat TRUMP at all cost, If they feel BIDEN has no chance to win, MICHELE OBAMA, H CLINTON, BLOOMBERG will get in. Said if Barack will get involved Michelle will get in,and she was given the chance to replace Diane Feinstein position, but change her mind. Between HClinton and Biden, HC better but women will not vote for her. Bloomberg the DNC will just be interested on his billion campaign money.