Fil-Ams advocate for more representation in the justice system

The National Filipino American Lawyers Judicial Network, a collection of Fil-Ams serving as judges in their respective areas from the municipal courts to state supreme courts, up to the federal court of appeals, has recently been launched.

In an era where race and representation remain a hot topic, they hope their presence on the bench can represent the communities they serve.

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  • Mario
    17 September 2020 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    MORE chances for Pinoy lawyers into the Federal Court and Sup Court under TRUMP Admin. Reason: Filipinos are mostly God loving Catholic or Christian. Once Trump is re-elected he will be appointing 100-150 more lifetime Judges in the Lower Court. Major qualification is, below 60 yrs old, a Republican and Christian. Youngest Federal Judge appointed by TRUMP is 34 years old. To apply join the Pinoy Lawyer Asso under former SolGEN NOEL FRANCISCO. They will be needing PINOY lawyers in the FBI, IRS, DOJ, and other Law enforcement agencies… What is the issue about HARRIS ADMINISTRATION, talking during her campaign. If you watch every TRUMP rally, he always talks about “OBAMA-BIDEN got caught SPYING, 50 yrs jail for TREASON.” This is the only issue for DNC not to counter because it is TRUE. If BIDEN wins, 2 months after his inauguration DNC will asked him 2 choices, to RESIGN or 50yrs JAILtime for Treason. Biden Associate during the planning, will be the STATE witnesses. KAMALA will be the President. H Clinton is behind on everything. a DOUBLE CROSS GAME for BIDEN.