‘Fil-Ams 4 Biden’ promises to encourage one million Filipinos in America to make their votes count

WASHINGTON DC — President Trump, in a series of tweets on Sunday, said that “nobody has briefed or told him” about intelligence reports on Russian efforts to pay Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan as recently reported by the New York Times.

Trump tweeted there was no credible info from U.S. intel, and that nobody’s tougher on Russia than him.

The tweets came after Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Saturday, that Trump’s presidency is a “gift to Putin.”

“He had had this information according to the times, and yet he offered to host Putin, in the U.S. and sought to invite Russia to join the G7.”

Some Filipino-American leaders said this alarming development is just one of the reasons why they decided to officially endorse the candidacy of Biden — by creating the Fil-Ams for Biden group.

And they can’t wait to see Trump leave the White House.

“Can you imagine that, what do you call that? Traitor! That’s treason. Talagang walang hiya. That is why we Filipinos are campaigning hard for this decent, compassionate, international respected, most of all humble public servant,” said Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

Fil-Am congressional candidate Gina Ortiz Jones, who has served in the National Security for 15 years, talked about how Trump’s policies have negatively impacted U.S. national security.

“I’m very concerned that if our voices are not at the table. If we are not making sure that we get all of our titas, lolas and manangs, manong out to vote, then we will regret having had the chance to put our country back to the right track.”

Fil-Ams for Biden’s ultimate goal is to convince 1 million Filipinos in America to vote for the former vice president.

“This is just the beginning of the Filipinos Americans who are now finding their voice and standing up for justice and equality so please volunteer all of you and tell your friends as Gina Ortiz Jones says get 20 more so that eventually we will reach 1 million Filipino.”

The Fil-Ams for Biden has only five months to go to recruit 1 million Fil-Ams who will not only support and encourage voters but to actually cast their ballots for the former VP come November 3rd.

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