Fil-Am YouTuber opens up about health struggles, receiving outpouring of support

Fans of Fil-Am Wil Dasovich are tuned in to the day-to-day happenings of his life, which he shares through his video blogs on Youtube 

But when he publicly opened up about a very private battle with his health, he realized just how many people are rooting for his recovery. 

Dasovich has produced more than 400 videos chronicling his travels and adventures in the last two years. 

 With over 750,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, this 26-year old Filipino American is a social media hit.  

Being an open book has become a way of life for Wil.

But this San Francisco Bay Area-based Pinoy dropped a bombshell when he told his fans this: he has cancer. 

“My voice shakes because this all happened so fast you know. Hindi ako ready. But I know I can use this story to inspire people,” said Dasovich. 

Wil says it’s been 7 months since he began passing blood. But he didn’t think too much of it. 

“I’m fit, I eat healthy. I dont eat much meat. I eat fruits and vegetables. I exercise – araw araw. And I still felt great – kahit madugo.” 

He eventually told his mom, Charry, a nurse based in California about his bleeding. 

 Wil was living in the Philippines, where his social media influence has led to endorsements and showbiz opportunities. 

But no matter how busy he was — his mom told him to go to the hospital. 

The doctors’ diagnosis: Wil had a parasite. 

But when his bleeding continued, it became apparent that Wil was misdiagnosed. His mother forced him to go back to the US and get treated at UCSF. 

Three weeks have passed since Wil’s bittersweet homecoming and he’s undergone chemotherapy since then. 

 “Nasa colon area dawMaraming tests pa and everything and malalaman natin yan through time. I took it better probably than anyone else. I don’t if it’s a defense mechanism, I don’t know. But I wasn’t too upset. Ang una kong iniisip, okay lang yan. This is something I can get through.” 

Fighting cancer is nothing new for the Dasovich family. Wil’s father and maternal grandfather each had their own battles with the disease.

But he remains positive things will go back to normal, because he knows he’s not alone in this fight.

“I feel so loved. There’s so much love going around. I feel so ecstatic and it’s all because of the overwhelming love and support.” 



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