Fil-Am witness of PNP violent dispersal recounts incident during SF protest

SAN FRANCISCO – Roberta Ryan was in the Philippines last week when she witnessed the Philippine National Police (PNP) run over several protesters outside of the U.S. embassy during a rally against U.S. imperialism.

“At that moment all I could think about was did people lose their lives and what were they losing their lives for, asked Ryan.” “They were losing their lives for speaking out against what they faced and for speaking the truth and for speaking out against militarization not just of the Philippine community but against US intervention. And I saw the PNP defending the US embassy rather than protecting the rights of their people.”

Fortunately there were no reports of death but the incident did leave dozens injured.

Ryan was speaking as part of a demonstration in outside if the Philippine consulate where other Filipino-Americans braved the rain to call for the end of extra judicial killings as part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs and continued attack on indigenous people of the Philippines.

Activists argued that President Duterte’s current tactics on the war on drugs are not helping eradicate the problem.

Rhonda Ramiro of BAYAN USA said, “By going after the so-called drug users and drug pushers, who are just people who are poor or economically trying to survive, is never going to solve the problem. We have to start at the roots and the roots are addressing the problem of poverty in the country.”

The protesters also say that Duterte’s protection of the police is not helping the Filipino people.

“He should not be allowing such impunity to reign whether it’s the PNP who are perpetrating the crimes against people in this war on drugs or perpetrating crimes against activists which we are also seeing,” said Ramiro. “It’s a continuation of a system of impunity that has reigned in the Philippines for a long time and that he needs to put a stop to.”

Multiple charges have been filed against 10 policemen involved which include Manila Police District Deputy Director for Operations Marcelino Pedrozo and the officer behind the wheel of the incident.

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    9 November 2016 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    Hey people you Filipinos has no right to cry if your not American born OK. Look in my country you Filipinos is in the back of the bus do you all understand so shut you big mouth. Stop with the crying about anything in America is wrong. Why you all should go back to Philippines and try to do what you all doing in America and see the Philippines president kill you all. Leave us Americans born here alone shut you big mouth.