Fil-Am voters weigh in on Trump’s rallies in Arizona as polls shows Biden leading

Filipino Americans in Arizona share their two cents on whether President Donald Trump is taking the threat of COVID-19 seriously, and if the battleground state will vote blue or red in November. Fleur Magbanua Mansur reports.

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  • Mario
    23 October 2020 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    ARIZONA is an OIL STATE, BIDEN will SHUT DOWN their OIL Industry not only FRACKING, which displaces several local workers. OIL byproducts are PLASTICS, containers, bottles, furniture, etc., another million workers will be displaced in Arizona, how about Asphalt for Construction street workers, Arizona Electric Plant and all 50 State is run by DIESEL, Gas, and Oil. It will increase the cost of energy. How about Truck drivers they use Diesel..Illegal LATINO children caught at the Border placed in a PIGPEN CAGES with several photo and blamed TRUMP. The PIGPEN CAGES was built by the BIDEN-OBAMA regime, on 2013, Biden blamed OBAMA for the Cages, meaning he admitted it. ARIZONA has several LATINO voters, 2016, TRUMP got 34% LATINO votes and WON, Todays Poll is 40% after the DEBATE Trump HISPANIC votes will go higher.SNAP POLL on the Debate: Trump=74%, Biden=24%. There are 32 OIL STATES with Million jobs.The BORDER WALL is now 420 Miles,JOE BIDEN partner will testify against Joe, his LAPTOP was turn in to FBI, they are looking for MONEY laundering case, The BIDEN family is in trouble. KAMALA will be the next President if BIDEN wins, the 25th Amendment will be activated.