Fil-Am voters weigh in on Democratic presidential debates

DETROIT, MI — The 2nd Democratic presidential debate kicked off in high gear in Detroit on Tuesday night, with ten presidential hopefuls tackling “Medicare for all.”

The heated debate quickly turned into a showdown between moderate and progressive Democrats.

They may disagree on ideologies, but these Democratic candidates say they are united in their 2020 goal of defeating President Donald Trump.

“In the face of cruelty and fear from a lawless president, we will choose to be the nation that stands up for the human rights of everyone, for the rule of law for everyone,” said Beto O’Rourke.

For some Jersey City residents, the first two debates are still not enough.

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  • Tiago Delmundo
    2 August 2019 at 2:06 am - Reply

    The shady agenda of Democrats (e.g. Medicare for all or human rights for everyone) is going to hurt America, yes, and this is why… If you’re in California, Gavino Newsome already passed the law providing Medicare (healthcare) to illegals and it is really hurting the pockets of Californians. It is not clear why we have to support illegals? Imagine if any Americans would just go to another country and lie their ass off saying they’re paying taxes and demand Medicare (healthcare of some sort)??? There is no doubt that country would spank and deport you faster than you could see…

    There are too many Democrats running for president with an agenda of their own and they’re going to lose hard…