Fil-Am voters weigh in as impeachment inquiry intensifies into President Trump

WASHINGTON DC — After weeks of complaints from Republicans that the Democrats are conducting the impeachment inquiry in the dark, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that House Democrats are set to hold a formal vote on Thursday to authorize the probe into President Donald Trump.

Pelosi had dismissed those complaints in the past — saying Republicans are trying to distract people from the alleged abuse of power by Trump.

On Thursday, every House member will go on record to vote on a resolution that spells out the impeachment hearing procedure on whether they directly support or oppose the impeachment inquiry that may or may not lead to Trump’s removal from office.

Prior to Pelosi’s announcement – House judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler spoke to ABS-CBN news.

“Well, the next step is for the intelligence committee to continue its hearings on the blackmail that the president did on Ukraine, for his own personal benefit… and there’ll be a report from intelligence committee some time, I imagine next month and the judiciary committee will have to consider articles of impeachment.”

These Filipino American voters said the House resolution makes sure that the public can witness impeachment hearings.

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