Fil-Am University of Washington students upset with Greek Row COVID-19 outbreak

SEATTLE, WA — The coronavirus has made its way to Greek Row.

At least 137 COVID-19 cases have been reported in an outbreak at the University of Washington, after over 1,000 students returned to live in 25 fraternity houses for the summer. The outbreak was first reported on June 30.

Fraternity and sorority houses are privately owned by individual national boards, so the university does not have the power to push members to socially distance.

The houses have been encouraged to operate at 50% capacity, though, and were told that there should be no social events.

But students have been found pushing the boundaries of social responsibility.

The University of Washington plans to reopen at the end of September with a hybrid model of in-person and remote classes, along with strict health and safety protocols.

Fil-Am UW students expressed their frustration.

Lailane Ignao tells us more.

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