Fil-Am transgender advocate honored at SF Pride

SAN FRANCISCO – More than one million people filled the streets of San Francisco this weekend to celebrate Gay Pride.

But among the festivities there was a moment of fear as a Pride spectator became a victim of a gunshot wound after an argument by two groups of men.

The victim was a 64-year-old man was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital.

He was declared in stable condition.

Police quickly detained six young men, and the gang task force was called in.

According to authorities, the incident was unrelated to Pride events.

Despite this event the weekend carried on safely onto Sunday with the Gay Pride Parade featuring over 230 contingents.

Included in the parade was transgender advocate Tita Aida who was awarded the Teddy Witherington Award for her long-standing body of work for the LGBTQ community.

Since the 1990s, Tita Aida has been instrumental in creating many initiatives to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS.

She has raised support and awareness for organizations such as the Transgender Law Center and the AIDS Housing Alliance in San Francisco.

“If I could just make a difference in one person’s life – that’s good enough for me,” said Tita Aida. “And of course, to be recognized is really special but it’s not necessary.”

Tita Aida goes on to say that while same-sex marriage legalization is a victory there is still more work to be done for equality for all members of LGBT community.

“[Let’s] start the dialogue, start hearing stories of people, and at the same time start the dialogue amongst each and every segment of the Filipino community so we could be the best out here,” said Tita Aida.

Tita Aida will also be appearing on the Fuse network this fall in a docu-series that documents the triumphs and struggles of transgender people in America today.

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