Fil-Am top aide to Pompeo to testify in Congress on the firing of state dept inspector general

WASHINGTON DC — After president Donald Trump fired U.S. State Department Inspector general Steve Linick last May 15th, a personality that emerged as a central figure to his removal is a Fil-Am top aide to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Brian Joseph Bulatao was appointed by President Trump to work under the secretary of state in the management division. This Fil-Am is the third-ranking official of the department responsible for carrying out U.S. foreign policy and maintaining international relations.

Linick had told a congressional committee investigating his dismissal that the state department had discouraged him from pursuing an investigation into the Trump administration’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia before he was fired.

Linick also told members of Congress that his office was engaged in a number of other investigations that he had mentioned to state department officials including Bulatao, executive secretary Lisa Kenna and deputy secretary Stephen Biegun.

They are reportedly known as Pompeo’s innermost circle at the state department.

Reuters reported that these investigations include an audit of the special immigrant visa process, as well as allegations that secretary Pompeo and his wife used taxpayers money to pay for a personal errands employee.

Secretary Pompeo has dismissed Linick as a “bad actor.”

Bulatao — who has agreed to testify in Congress on Thursday about his role in the abrupt firing of Linick — was sworn to office by his friend and former West Point classmate, Secretary Pompeo.

The Pennsylvania-born and raised Pinoy made a name for himself as the chief operating officer when Pompeo ran the CIA.

Bulatao graduated from West Point in 1986, and earned a master’s degree from the Harvard graduate school of business administration in 1995.

The 55-year-old top Pompeo aide’s testimony will be one of the most awaited testimonies on Thursday’s congressional hearing.

ABS-CBN News has reached out to Bulatao to comment on these developments. He has yet to respond.

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  • Mario
    2 July 2020 at 12:42 am - Reply

    POMPEO,BULATAO,ESPER are the most powerful personnel in DOD and State Department, who are die-hard Trump supporters. All graduated from the West Point class of 1986. Pompeo, who tops the class 86, former CIA Director, hired his MISTA Brian Butatao to join him in the CIA, promoted to become the State Department Secretary, brought again Brian Bulatao to the State Department. Again Pompeo brought another MISTA MARK ESPER as Secretary of Defense. This is one of the Ace Card of TRUMP the Mil. Academy Class of 1986 and their underclass up class 89), all 5 BRANCHES of military services in which Pompeo and Esper in full control. OBAMA’s greatness in the military is when he hired mostly radical LAWYERS and commission them as JAG officers they start discharging soldiers and recruits out from the US military. Now they are all Senior officers like Inspector General, continue to investigate their fellow officers and recommended many officers, soldiers for discharge.